Statistical Consulting, Analysis and Research


Wooten-Analytics will be taking new clients starting August 1, 2016 with three services: Statistical Consultation, Statistical Analysis and Statistical Research.

Current Medical Research

I am working with the Michael J. Fox foundation serving as a reviewer for the PPMI Challenge Review Committee.

With 45 files and 659 named variables, this is large and complex data with sample sizes ranging from 32 entries to one with 45841 entries at the extreme. With 1619 patients, the objective I am working on determining the classifications of Parkinson’s disease.

I have used cluster analysis and principle component analysis; however, the data needs to be further scrubbed before a clear view is able to be understood and interpreted. After creating a patient profile using the first entry of each variable for each patient in the respective files, I generated 316 histograms for most of the numerical measures and now must interpret each graphics to determine the differences that exist among the data.  One issue is inconsistencies in the data – for example, dose is given in multiple forms. This information must be standardized before summaries can be considered and analyzed.

Current Environmental Research

I have continuously worked on hurricane research using principle component analysis in conjunction with non-response analysis publishing Modeling Hurricanes using Principle Component Analysis in conjunction with Non-Response Analysis with Dr. Joy D’Andrea. After being featured in the USF Magazine, we received and email from the president on the new hurricane forecasting tool.

“Your research on Atlantic hurricane paths and the subsequent modeling of them is fascinating, …” Judy Genshaft, USF System President June 9, 2016

Using modern and newly developed methods, we hope to create a more accurate weather generator. One that predicts formation of a storm, the path of a storm, the duration and maximum intensity using limited information provided by buoys and probabilistic models.

Turning data into information into knowledge.